My treasure, I protect

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There are people whom try to be overprotective when it comes to a special someone or something. Why? I don’t have an idea. But, most of the people says it’s because they value them. They worth a thousands… even Gold can’t be a pay back.

Let’s talk about the boys being overprotective. Boys being boys as we all know, their ‘overprotectiveness’ is somewhat a turn on for the girls, right? But for some, its kinda irritating.

When you say overprotective, being possessive comes after that. Yes, mostly boys portrays that.

Have you read a vampire or wolf story? All of the male characters, became possessive to their mates because they own them. Not the own, like I own this and no one can touch, even a single hair. No. It’s just their mates are special to them because the moon goddess only gives one mate for a certain person, in general. When someone threatens their mate, their inner wolf sometimes come out. For me, it’s kinda really the ‘job’ for them. I don’t have any grudges against them.

So, boys being their all glory. Being protective to all threats against their special someone. If I were in their shoes, I’ll do the same. Because, come to think of it, when you being all protective and possessive, that special someone of yours will feel that they worthy for you. Also, in being all protective is not just being possessive at all. There’s other reason– it’s LOVE. You know, the ‘thing’ you feel that makes you in cloud nine. Like, you’re floating in the sky and as if you’re in ecstasy.


Girls also conveys something like ‘overprotective’ being. Their way to express this is their jealousy to a certain someone. For boys, it’s kinda funny because sometimes girls misunderstood the girl that their man talks with. Even their man’s girl cousin, jealousy takes place. Yeah, for me, as a man, it’s really a turn on for me. I don’t why. But, for some boys out there, it’s kinda the way girls says, “You’re mine, no one can lay a finger or even touch a single strand of hair!”

But for me, in general, boys are really the ones who gets that protective side. Because, they don’t want anyone to touch their treasure in life. As far as possible, they consider the good state of their own thing.

Being protective is not that bad, because it shows how you protect your property, but be careful in being like that, that treasure might slip away because you lock them up too much that it gets



God bless! 😘


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