Month: May 2016

Stop, look and listen

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Remembering the past will always be our own turning point whenever our present becomes a disaster. We will always tell ourselves that the past will always be worse than our present. Some of us prove it somehow, but looking and observing around us, we could comprehend that sometimes, the past might be better than the present. 


Problems will be the most friendly thing we could have. You cannot call yourself a human without you experiencing such problem. Even the tiny problems can be considered huge because it can interfere our own works and the way we think. 

Many of us, especially the teenagers or the so-called ‘millenials’, experience problems in their lives. Like problems regarding their family, love life, school, peers and many other things which they can get the drama. 

One thing we can observe is that, they take their own problem very heavy. Why? Because sometimes, we cannot stop ourselves from overthinking. There are these ‘what ifs’ swirling inside our head. These ‘what ifs’ can get worse. 

Being a teenager can be evident if and only if, the problems in our lives are just circling our social life. Teenagers wanted to be accepted and all. They don’t want other people to judge them just because their problems are overcoming what is good for them. 


Experiencing problems in our peers will always be the crucial part. “No man is an island.” People cannot stand nor live alone. We need someone to lean on in times of tragedy. Although some of us wanted to be alone for a lifetime, we cannot just remove the fact that having someone around us will always be the safest thing to have. 

In our life, problems will always be our twin, but we must not forget that Jesus is our own brother, not just a twin, but a loved one. ❤️
P.S. Sorry if ever my blog isn’t that good, but the remaining days of my vacation, I’ll try my best to improve. Take care! 💖 #JesusIsLove #ProblemTaker