Uncommonly Used Filipino Words

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Language is the first thing a child should be able to learn aside from acquiring also the values of life. It can be learn through one’s parents and even when they first entered school. Sometimes, a person become illiterate when their knowledge about something is insufficient or when they lack of awareness about the happenings around him or her. He or she cannot just say that they are literate enough due to the fact that hose are still more to explore about the world.

Filipino language is complicated especially to the foreigners, but in reality, the pure Filipino nowadays, are becoming ignorant about their own language. They tend to explore more about of the foreign languages rather than adding knowledge about what they own.

Due to this and for the activity we have in our ICT subject, here are some of the uncommonly used Filipino words.

  1. Panginain – Browser ; used to find and look at information in the internet
  2. Miktinig – Microphone ; used for transmitting or recording sounds.
  3. Sulatroniko – E-mail ; a system for sending messages from one computer to another
  4. Yakis – to sharpen ; to make something sharp/sharper
  5. Pang-ulong Hatinig – Headset ; a device the holds earphone and microphone
  6. Pantablay – charger ; a device for charging storage batteries
  7. Kauringan – hyperlink ; a highlighted word or picture in a document or web page
  8. Initsigan – thermodynamics ; a science that deals with the action of heat and related forms of energy
  9. Duyog – Eclipse ; an occasion where the moon is between Sun and Earth
  10. Anluwage – Carpenter ; a person whose job is to make or fix wooden parts

Those words are just glimpse of how much the Filipino language is rich in terms of uniqueness in structure of words. Those words are only keys to greatness. If all of the people are able to have a better knowledge about their own language, such unity and peace will be obtain.

To further give really an example, here is a video about this! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6meMXZjzYc&feature=youtu.be


Stop, look and listen

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Remembering the past will always be our own turning point whenever our present becomes a disaster. We will always tell ourselves that the past will always be worse than our present. Some of us prove it somehow, but looking and observing around us, we could comprehend that sometimes, the past might be better than the present. 


Problems will be the most friendly thing we could have. You cannot call yourself a human without you experiencing such problem. Even the tiny problems can be considered huge because it can interfere our own works and the way we think. 

Many of us, especially the teenagers or the so-called ‘millenials’, experience problems in their lives. Like problems regarding their family, love life, school, peers and many other things which they can get the drama. 

One thing we can observe is that, they take their own problem very heavy. Why? Because sometimes, we cannot stop ourselves from overthinking. There are these ‘what ifs’ swirling inside our head. These ‘what ifs’ can get worse. 

Being a teenager can be evident if and only if, the problems in our lives are just circling our social life. Teenagers wanted to be accepted and all. They don’t want other people to judge them just because their problems are overcoming what is good for them. 


Experiencing problems in our peers will always be the crucial part. “No man is an island.” People cannot stand nor live alone. We need someone to lean on in times of tragedy. Although some of us wanted to be alone for a lifetime, we cannot just remove the fact that having someone around us will always be the safest thing to have. 

In our life, problems will always be our twin, but we must not forget that Jesus is our own brother, not just a twin, but a loved one. ❤️
P.S. Sorry if ever my blog isn’t that good, but the remaining days of my vacation, I’ll try my best to improve. Take care! 💖 #JesusIsLove #ProblemTaker

Why women talk less

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language: a feminist guide

This week on Newsnight, Evan Davis talked to three women about all-male panels—a subject made topical by the recent popularity of a tumblr set up to name and shame them. Why, he asked, are women so often un- or under-represented in public forums? Are they reluctant to put themselves forward? Are they deterred by the adversarial nature of the proceedings?

The women offered some alternative suggestions. Women don’t get asked, or if they do it’s assumed you only need one. Women aren’t seen as experts, unless the subject is a ‘women’s issue’. The age-old prejudice against women speaking in public means that any woman who dares to voice her opinions can expect to be deluged with abuse and threats.

But while all-male panels are obviously a problem, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Just ensuring that women are represented on a panel does not guarantee their voices will…

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My treasure, I protect

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There are people whom try to be overprotective when it comes to a special someone or something. Why? I don’t have an idea. But, most of the people says it’s because they value them. They worth a thousands… even Gold can’t be a pay back.

Let’s talk about the boys being overprotective. Boys being boys as we all know, their ‘overprotectiveness’ is somewhat a turn on for the girls, right? But for some, its kinda irritating.

When you say overprotective, being possessive comes after that. Yes, mostly boys portrays that.

Have you read a vampire or wolf story? All of the male characters, became possessive to their mates because they own them. Not the own, like I own this and no one can touch, even a single hair. No. It’s just their mates are special to them because the moon goddess only gives one mate for a certain person, in general. When someone threatens their mate, their inner wolf sometimes come out. For me, it’s kinda really the ‘job’ for them. I don’t have any grudges against them.

So, boys being their all glory. Being protective to all threats against their special someone. If I were in their shoes, I’ll do the same. Because, come to think of it, when you being all protective and possessive, that special someone of yours will feel that they worthy for you. Also, in being all protective is not just being possessive at all. There’s other reason– it’s LOVE. You know, the ‘thing’ you feel that makes you in cloud nine. Like, you’re floating in the sky and as if you’re in ecstasy.


Girls also conveys something like ‘overprotective’ being. Their way to express this is their jealousy to a certain someone. For boys, it’s kinda funny because sometimes girls misunderstood the girl that their man talks with. Even their man’s girl cousin, jealousy takes place. Yeah, for me, as a man, it’s really a turn on for me. I don’t why. But, for some boys out there, it’s kinda the way girls says, “You’re mine, no one can lay a finger or even touch a single strand of hair!”

But for me, in general, boys are really the ones who gets that protective side. Because, they don’t want anyone to touch their treasure in life. As far as possible, they consider the good state of their own thing.

Being protective is not that bad, because it shows how you protect your property, but be careful in being like that, that treasure might slip away because you lock them up too much that it gets



God bless! 😘

Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today

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Ramblings of a College Introvert

We’re responsive creatures, always yearning for some kind of carnal or spiritual fulfillment. So many of our conversations are dedicated to that one question: What makes us feel alive? For me it’s neither people nor adventures. It’s the shapes and colors that make up a city I love.

When I took a semester off in Cali, all I could think about was how much I missed NYC and how exciting it would be to blog about college life there. But four months after I returned to NYU I’ve only written four posts on my adventures here in the Big Apple. Ostensibly it’s because I just haven’t had the time. In reality it’s because I’ve kind of lost confidence in my writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a writer as I would like to be, and I certainly don’t think I’m good enough to capture the sense of wonder I feel every time…

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Acceptance of one’s perfection

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Everytime I see a person, I can’t stop myself from criticizing him. I don’t know why. It always dawn upon me. I know that once you criticize somebody, judging will be the back clash of it.

Lagi na lang akong may namimeet na tao. Like in ANAK Batangueño. This ANAK Batangueño is a gathering wherein all students or teenagers whom parent/s is/are working overseas are being gathered by HR Department.

We are being regroup everytime na may ganitong gathering. This always happen in the middle of the school year and before the school year ends. All students – Freshies, Sophies, Juniors, Seniors – are required to attend.

Once we are regrouped, students from other school will join us. After that, the program will start. From introduction, group activities, intermissions and many more.

Also, there is a certain whom the school invited just to present or have a talk with the students. His purpose is for the students to understand why their parents are working abroad – for their education purposes.

This gathering involves different personalities and beliefs. Students whom with various ages, height, weight and many differences.

The purpose of this gathering is not only to make the ANAKs comfortable of their parents being in abroad but also just to make friends with so much similarities.

I knew only one thing: To accept one’s perfection is to love their flaws.

I don’t like this post to be long. I just want to express my own thought about the ‘judgementals’ reigning here on Earth. Love, love,love, love.

Just enjoy God’s given gift to you and that’s what make your perfection into beauty.

When You Lose Weight, Where Does it Go? The Answer May Surprise You

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Mitch Kirby

Recently, I was sitting and thinking about all of the diet and exercise suggestions that constantly bombard us from all sides. While trying to determine which techniques would likely yield the largest benefits, I decided to start from the beginning and attempted to answer a seemingly simple question: When we lose weight, where does the weight go? When the fat from our waistline disappears, what happens to it? Answering this question was actually way more difficult than I imagined at the start, and forced me to think back to my time as a molecular biology major in order to answer the question effectively.

After uncovering the answer for myself, I asked others to think about the question to see if the solution was more obvious to them than it was to me. Shockingly, even many physicians I asked were unable to answer this question accurately and completely. Below are the most popular answers…

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