Acceptance of one’s perfection

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Everytime I see a person, I can’t stop myself from criticizing him. I don’t know why. It always dawn upon me. I know that once you criticize somebody, judging will be the back clash of it.

Lagi na lang akong may namimeet na tao. Like in ANAK Batangueño. This ANAK Batangueño is a gathering wherein all students or teenagers whom parent/s is/are working overseas are being gathered by HR Department.

We are being regroup everytime na may ganitong gathering. This always happen in the middle of the school year and before the school year ends. All students – Freshies, Sophies, Juniors, Seniors – are required to attend.

Once we are regrouped, students from other school will join us. After that, the program will start. From introduction, group activities, intermissions and many more.

Also, there is a certain whom the school invited just to present or have a talk with the students. His purpose is for the students to understand why their parents are working abroad – for their education purposes.

This gathering involves different personalities and beliefs. Students whom with various ages, height, weight and many differences.

The purpose of this gathering is not only to make the ANAKs comfortable of their parents being in abroad but also just to make friends with so much similarities.

I knew only one thing: To accept one’s perfection is to love their flaws.

I don’t like this post to be long. I just want to express my own thought about the ‘judgementals’ reigning here on Earth. Love, love,love, love.

Just enjoy God’s given gift to you and that’s what make your perfection into beauty.


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